Thu 20 Apr 2017

Villa Panbil Batam Indonesia

Villa Panbil Batam Indonesia

Villa Panbil, A Place I Call Home

Villa Panbil is one of the most exclusive residential in Batam. The development of Villa Panbil started in 2003. Today there are more than 300 houses already inhabited by mostly expatriates and other higher level management of companies operating in the surrouding of Batam.

There are few types of houses which include the Bali House, Forrest House, Meditterannean, and Minimalist.

For the past 14 years Villa Panbil has emerged into a green housing area. This is due to the attention of the developer, PT. Nusatama Properta Panbil in its effort for planting a lot of trees which follow the natural contour of the land throughout the compound and have been maintained well until today.

Living in Villa Panbil will bring many benefits to the residence such as fresh air with natural green environment, the Club House, Swimming Pool and Gym at the same time.

Villa Panbil is the smart living choice in Batam. Villa Panbil “A Place I Call Home” .