Thu 12 Mar 2020

Panbil is launching its Hydroponic Garden

Panbil is launching its Hydroponic Garden


To accommodate the needs of supplies of fresh vegetables in some business units, Panbil has built its own Hydroponic Garden which to be supplied in Edelweiss Supermarket and in every outlet of Hotel, Apartment, and Clubhouse. Built on December 10th, 2019, the plants cultivate in the garden are Lettuce in three kinds of seeds; Maximus lettuce, Mondai lettuce, and Local seeds from Medan, and Tomato.


According to Ms.Nelly as the Landscape Manager, moving forwards there will be additional plants such as mint leaves, basil, thyme, etc.


The Hydroponic Garden is also considered as a business to be developed or expanded to the farming industry. It is not open yet for public but in the future, we hope it will be able to accommodate the needs outside Panbil’s area and become a tourist spot nor an education place for guests and visitors.