Sat 21 Mar 2020

Corona Precautions by Panbil Group

Corona Precautions by Panbil Group

Going through an outbreak, it is best to prevent and stay aware of ourselves and our surroundings. Just like what’s going on to people right now, a virus has spread and caused death all over the world including Indonesia, known as Coronavirus (Covid-19). This virus are very easy to be contracted and the symptoms are too common that it is hard to tell, like fever, tiredness, and dry cough.


In a way to prevent the spreadness of Covid-19,  Panbil Group has taken action as a precaution for all the workers and visitors of Panbil. A seminar was held to create awareness about the virus last January and here are the additional precautions that have been done by all our staff as well as tips for our guests/ visitors.


First of all, it was mentioned by Our President, Joko Widodo, that it is best to avoid the spreadness of Covid-19 by social distancing, because Covid-19 can be spread through contact with people. By doing social distancing, it lesser the contact between people, so the more space, the harder it is for the virus to spread.


Second, wash hands regularly or as often as possible. People reflectly touched their eyes, nose, or mouth with hands that could be contaminated by the virus, so washing hands could prevent the virus spreadness. As a replace, hand sanitizer can be used in urgent. In addition, Panbil group has provided hand sanitizer that can be found almost in every corner of our building and body temperature check were done every morning. Moreover, every space was sprayed using disinfectant regularly every day.


Lastly, no matter how clean people are, or how hard people try to prevent the virus physically, the virus can still infect them because their metabolism is low. So people have to consume healthy food, a lot of vitamins, and take care of their health to prevent the spreadness of Covid-19 from inside.



We would like to remind everyone as well to stay calm and do not let the panic attack you. As long as you are doing all the precautions, you are fine.